Our clients are from different age groups, locations, backgrounds, and life experiences.  We are immeasurably blessed because we get to work with such a diverse group of people and learn from them as well.  Our clients are located all across the United States of America (and some internationally).  We find great joy in being able to connect with them wherever they are.  And the best part?  We have been blessed to have forged some amazing friendships with the most incredible people!  

Our clients are very smart people who study and search for the answers to their own issues.  They bring us challenges.  We love a good puzzle, and we embrace the opportunity to assist our clients in finding workable solutions the issues they face.  Our clients share our curious spirit and embrace the opportunity to learn and explore... and even create "out-of-the-box" solutions to the problems they face.  They enjoy collaborating with us, whether communicating with us over the phone, via email, in person, or a combination of all.  They love being involved in the their own healing process and they take full responsibility for it.  Our clients love learning about what we do.  We light up at their excitement when we present a new technique to solve their problems.

Our clients are so pleased with our work that they continuously choose to repeatedly come back to Sun Gate.  They become our champions, recommending us to their family, friends, and colleagues around the world.  Our years of experience in the natural healing field, combined with our dedication to serving them at the highest possible level, have helped us build and maintain a trusted relationship with our clients.  They understand the important role mutual honesty plays in maintaining a long-term successful relationship.  They know they can rely on us to LISTEN and to CARE.  Our clients depend on our strong commitment to excellence and service, which motivates us to deliver beyond their expectations.  Our strength stems directly from our clients' commitment to Sun Gate and our dedication to excellence and service.  They motivate us!

Our clients are thoughtful, kind and fun to work with.  We always laugh hard and have a fabulous time together.  We are grateful for the opportunity to assist them in uncovering their unique "shine."  Our clients love our work, and we make it a priority to ensure they always leave our office with a big smile expressing their satisfaction.  We are so glad our clients provide the opportunity to do what we love to do every day.  Our clients are always willing to share constructive feedback along with their praise.  We take away such great lessons from every situation, and learn so much--Our clients make us better professionals as well as people!  In short... our clients are THE BEST!




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Jaylyn Brannon, CMH LMT

Certified Master Herbalist, Licensed Massage Therapist

Jaylyn is a Certified Master Herbalist having studied with and worked for Dr. John R. Christopher’s world-renowned School of Natural Healing. She graduated from Massage Therapy Academy in St. George Utah, having also studied massage and spa treatments at Sensory Development Institute, the educational arm of Green Valley Spa, one of the top ten destination spas in the world. She is Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy and Bodywork, and holds a Utah Massage License. Jaylyn is trained in numerous forms … READ MORE