What we KNOW…

  • Diet’s don’t work long-term.
  • Exercise isn’t the only key.
  • Counting Calories is a waste of time.
  • Drug Therapy creates more symptoms.
  • Restricting food choices causes cravings.

So if dieting and exercise aren’t working, and we’re ending up more obese and diseased as a population… what DOES work?

“If you cant’ explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” —Albert Einstein

Weight loss is really very simple, and nutrition is the key.

Every human being deserves to know how to support their bodies.  At Sun Gate, we are dedicated to helping individuals and healthcare professionals understand and reverse the tragic and unsuspected effects of the modern diet.  Now that modern diets, calorie deprivation, excessive exercise, and drug therapy have been found to cause more problems than they cure, physicians and nutritional researchers from around the world are embracing and contributing to the science that supports and clarifies this message—that we can control our health destiny and dramatically reduce human suffering and health care costs, with superior nutrition.  Specifically… nutrition that our bodies are genetically designed to consume.

When we speak of nutrition, we’re not talking about A diet.  We’re talking about the HUMAN diet.  When you go to a pet store to purchase a new pet, you have probably inquired about the pet’s diet, that is… the diet the pet is genetically designed to eat that will promote its longevity and prevent it from becoming sickly and diseased.  The problem we as humans have, is that we are completely unaware of what the HUMAN diet is supposed to be.  We have been educated out of it by science, drug companies, doctors, medical training institutions, chemical companies, and society at large.  

At Sun Gate, we are committed to reversing this trend by providing education in proper HUMAN nutrition.  Every human being deserves to know how to support their bodies with the diet they are genetically designed to eat.  It’s not based on our blood type, our genetic make-up, our race, our heredity, and it doesn’t involve counting calories, proper food combining, and other things we use to sell books and diet programs.  

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ―Confucius

It’s really very simple.

At Sun Gate, we have created a 12-week educational program that will re-educate you on how your body works (in its beauty and simplicity), and what foods your body is designed to consume, which will provide it with lasting health, naturally regulated weight (regardless of whether you’re overweight or under-weight) and naturally resists disease.  

Surprisingly, this can all be accomplished while fully satisfying yourself when you’re hungry, eating delicious foods, and having boundless energy, mental clarity, freedom from pain and stiffness, and a host of other problems we take for granted (like bad breath, body odor, skin eruptions, colds and flus, etc.)

Learn how to support your body nutritionally, but also take advantage of additional therapies we have specifically designed to support your transition back to the true human diet.  It is our goal to assist you in un-learning what you think you know about your body, and restoring you to vibrant, lasting health.

We provide this 12-week course only three times per year.  Schedule a free consultation with Jaylyn today to find out more.

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