“Not only does poor posture look bad, but it forces some muscles to work incredibly hard all day long while others get weaker.”  –Janice Novak, M.S.

In addition, poor posture can compress the organs, which leads to improper digestion, poor circulation, toxic build-up in the body’s tissues, and improper organ and gland function (impairing the body’s ability to create hormones), and it can lead to an overall acidic condition in the body, which promotes disease and fat accumulation.

When there is chronic poor posture, there are usually adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue) in deep core muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  Adhesions can block circulation and cause pain, limited movement, and inflammation.  The Posture techniques we incorporate require advanced training and a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology.  

Our Posture techniques work by physically breaking down the adhesions in the deeper sub-layers of muscle and fascial (connective) tissue… the layers that most directly affect your posture.  It helps to relieve pain and restore normal body movement, increases oxygen intake, relieves pressure on the organs, which improves their function and proper hormonal production, and promotes weight loss and detoxification.

Proper posture can be painful if you’re body has developed these adhesions.  When they are released with regular Posture techniques, having good posture is a breeze!