The application of heat to treat pain and inflammation, promote improved range of motion in joints and tissues, has been known for centuries.  Many health practitioners use the application of either heat or cold to speed injury and healing to the body.

Native Americans would use lava, or basalt, stones warmed by the fire to treat aching muscles.  Today, many massage therapists employ the use of smooth basalt stones that have been sanitized and heated to add the benefits of heat to a regular massage session.  Stones are either placed on the body for longer heat penetration into chronically tight muscles, or used as an extension of the therapist’s hands in warm, flowing strokes across the body’s surface.  This kind of heat application can be both deeply relaxing and deeply healing.

The application of hot stones requires advanced training and education.  Most spas offer their version of hot or warm stone massage, but the majority of therapists have not been provided adequate training in their use.  

During a Warm Stone Massage, your body will be warmed up with the Basic Massage techniques, then you will be massaged while we hold a heated stone.  As the stones cool, they are replaced with other warm stones.  If you are experiencing chronic tension in any area, we may place a heated stone on that area while we massage another, to allow the heat to penetrate more deeply.  

Warm Stone Massage increases circulation, assists in relaxing stubborn muscle tension, and works to relieve fascial adhesion.  If the area we are treating is extremely tense, we may employ the alternating use of both hot and cold to the area to speed healing and detoxification of the area.

Book a Warm Stone Massage today and see the benefits for yourself.

“I have given some clients numerous massage treatments for the same chronic muscle tension, only to get marginal results over time, even when the client does all the other things I recommend for home-care.  Once we’ve placed warm stones on the area, and then begun to massage it, these muscles seem to melt under the heat, and I can often get twice the results in half the time.” 

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