Whether your goal is to lose weight or if you just enjoy a really fantastic massage (and love knowing it's improving your health at the same time) Sun Gate Massage Club Membership is for you.

We spent countless hours scouring the internet for client feedback and reviews of other massage membership programs in order to find out what you want... and DON'T want.

We listened!

We are extremely proud of the membership program we've created, and we're sure you're going to love it, too.  

Here's the feedback we heard...

1.  You want a membership that's flexible, that allows you to rollover minutes, give them away to friends and family, encourages you to use it regularly, and you want to be able to lock in your prices.

2.  You don't want insane fees, programs that lock you in permanently or penalize you ridiculous amounts if you have to cancel.

3.  You want priority scheduling, additional discounts, member's only promotions, and a membership that's so fun to use you'll want to suggest it to everyone you know.

And here's the result...

  • Pick your membership term: 6 months, 12 months or 18 months.  Get free bonuses for choosing more time, like free massage upgrades or free massage minutes.
  • Decide when your card gets billed:  Either the 1st or the 15th of each month, you can pick the date that works best for you.
  • Pick how many minutes you'd like to receive every month... 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180.
  • Use your minutes how you want.  Split your monthly minutes into 30-minute treatments, or combine them to make 90 minute treatments.
  • Keep your unused minutes.  They don't expire at the end of the month, we give you two more months to use your minutes (and if you still forget, shame on your for not getting the health benefits of regular massage, but we'll give you another chance by letting you turn those minutes into a gift certificate for a friend.)  Just to help you out, we make it our policy to always use your oldest minutes first (the ones closest to expiration.)
  • Transfer your minutes to a family member at NO CHARGE.  (It's okay, we're not going to charge you for giving us a new client.)
  • Suspend your account if something unexpected happens.  Have to go out of town on extended leave?  Temporarily lose your income? That's okay, we can suspend your membership for up to three months to help you get back on track.
  • Want to lock in your prices?  Your monthly membership is never going to increase during the initial term of your membership.  

I know... this is amazing, right?  Well, we didn't stop there.  We wanted you to feel like you have VIP status at Sun Gate, so we threw in a few more benefits, just to make you feel awesome about your membership

  • Get 10% off on all massage upgrades, classes, nutritional coaching, and workshops.  
  • Get our monthly newsletter FREE
  • Buy additional minutes for yourself or gift certificates for family and friends at your discounted monthly membership rate.
  • You get advance notice of any specials, coupons, promotions or discounts.
  • Refer three (3) new members and get 30 massage minutes FREE.  (It's normally five for everyone else.)

We have limited availability for our memberships, so sign up today while our rates are the best.

Choose from the following:

  • 180-Minutes Per Month ($185)
  • 150-Minutes Per Month ($155)
  • 120-Minutes Per Month ($125)
  • 90-Minutes Per Month ($95)
  • 60-Minutes Per Month ($65)
  • 30-Minutes per Month ($35)

Download our Membership Agreement and bring it in to sign up today!



Enjoy regular massages that are designed to:

  • Reduce physical pain and increase your flexibility--so you can move your body more
  • Stimulate your circulation--to help your body detox and speed up your metabolism
  • Reduce stress--to help reverse excessive cortisol production
  • Increase bone density and muscle tone--to stimulate your immune function

Each of our massages are designed to assist you in reaching your weight loss goals.

We ARE the Weight Loss Massage Experts!