Jaylyn Brannon, CMH LMT

Certified Master Herbalist, Licensed Massage Therapist

Jaylyn is a Certified Master Herbalist having studied with and worked for Dr. John R. Christopher’s world-renowned School of Natural Healing. She graduated from Massage Therapy Academy in St. George Utah, having also studied massage and spa treatments at Sensory Development Institute, the educational arm of Green Valley Spa, one of the top ten destination spas in the world. She is Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy and Bodywork, and holds a Utah Massage License. Jaylyn is trained in numerous forms of bodywork, energy work, and alternative healing modalities. She has successfully consulted with numerous clients in the use of plant-based nutrition and alternative medicine treatments for “incurable” diseases. Jaylyn is currently the Director of Massage at The Skin Institute in St. George, Utah.

Jaylyn is an experienced Resort Hotel General Manager, Consultant, Trainer, and Educator. She has several years of experience in hospitality, spa, and wellness operations, and has consulted with a wide variety of businesses in marketing & sales, finance, operations, human resources, and corporate vision. She is currently a Senior completing a Bachelor’s Degree from the Southern Utah University in Nutrition and Pre-Med with a minor in Biology.

Jaylyn is a gifted trainer with exceptional intellect. She can make the most complex and difficult concepts clear, simple, understandable, and easy to apply. She has a wonderful ability to transfer information to her students and clients in a way that inspires and empowers them. She teaches from a vast knowledge business management and alternative medicine. She is also trained and thoroughly versed in esoteric and spiritual wisdom from her study of ancient indigenous cultures, modern science, quantum physics, and consciousness studies. It is a gift to be able to attend one of her classes or to have the privilege of being one of her private clients.

Jaylyn and her husband Daniel live in St. George, Utah with their four children.

Love what is. Embrace life as it unfolds. Step into the magic of creation. ALLOW life to be miraculous on a constant basis. Abundance and fulfillment is not necessarily having everything one desires, but usually it comes from rearranging our thoughts and beliefs so we recognize that what we already have and who we already are… is more than enough. May you awaken to the Majesty of Yourself.

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