We ARE the Weight Loss Massage Experts

And we have created a phenomenal program that addresses the biggest issues preventing you from achieving PERMANENT weight loss, healing, and a healthy lifestyle.  

Our Founder, Jaylyn Brannon, has combined her more than 25 years of experience in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Emotional Healing, Bodywork, and Massage Therapy into a ground-breaking program that addresses the deepest core problems we face as an obese nation.

  1. Environmental Toxicity
  2. Sedentary Lifestyles
  3. Chronic Pain
  4. Emotional Baggage
  5. Standard American Diet
  6. Overuse of Prescription Drugs
  7. Sluggish Circulation and Elimination

The program we use here at Sun Gate employs a variety of methods designed to perfectly support you on all levels to achieve the long-term, permanent results you deserve.  

"Diet is just Die with a T"  --Jaylyn Brannon

  • No more dieting.
  • No more fads.
  • No more calorie counting.
  • No more budget-busting supplements, shakes, pills, and other concoctions or therapies that DON'T DELIVER WHAT THEY PROMISE!
  • No more taking your money without a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Just results... long term, permanent results.  

"My mission is to ensure that I NEVER have a repeat client in my weight loss program."  --Jaylyn


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Weight Loss isn't just burning more calories than you consume.  Even though on an energetic exchange level, this works... it's TEMPORARY.  It's NOT a long-term solution that BUILDS HEALTH.  It makes you NUTRITIONALLY DEPLETE and TOXIC... 

Unless you're doing it right.

But don't think this program is about counting calories and exercising 5 hours a day.  If you want that, go find a resort that will kick your butt for a week or two, feed you, and then send you home with no idea how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that actually WORKS for your needs, food preferences, and time schedule.

This is about changing YOUR habits... in ways that work for you.  

This is NOT another cookie-cutter approach to weight loss.  It is totally and completely customized and individualized to YOUR specific situation.  

We are about doing what WORKS, and if something isn't working, we're here to create a solution that WILL.

Here's what we've learned...

In order to be fat and unhealthy, you MUST have created a lifestyle that supports you being fat and unhealthy.  It's not possible to have anything else.  Look at your behaviors... they create your RESULTS.

The difficulty is, most people don't change their behaviors until the pain of change is greater than the pain of remaining the same.

Lasting change doesn't happen overnight.  It's gradual.  It requires different thinking, different ways of reacting to life, different choices, and different actions.  

The problem isn't what to do... the problem is HOW.

HOW do you exercise when your body hurts too much to get out of bed or walk down the hallway?

HOW do you change your diet when almost everything in the grocery store is unhealthy, fattening, and you have tastebuds that are conditioned to eat that and reject healthy foods?

HOW do you fit exercise and proper body movement into your lifestyle when it's already cram-packed with everything else?

This is where we come in... 

We ARE the Weight Loss Massage Experts

Here at Sun Gate, we have created a program that addresses the HOW, and most of all...

We take you by the hand and guide you into the changes that will create the most lasting RESULTS for your life.

Here's what we do...

If you're having a difficult time moving your body because it hurts so much, how are you supposed to get all the wonderful benefits of fitness and exercise?  

Answer... you're not.

Most people suffering from obesity just don't feel well enough to exercise or move.  

At Sun Gate, we understand that sometimes you have to "get in shape" in order to "get in shape!"

Introducing:  Weight Loss Massage

Our massages at Sun Gate are specifically designed to reduce your physical pain, increase your flexibility and range of motion, and to get your blood and lymph circulating, and get your body eliminating toxicity that contributes not only to the fat, but also to the diseases you may be suffering from.

We can help you feel good enough to move again.  With massage, it's faster than you think!

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Movement and Exercise are essential to building strong organs, muscles and bones.  

A fit body doesn't always equal a healthy one, but a fit body resists illness, disease, and obesity better than an unfit one.  

At Sun Gate we teach you gentle exercises that retrain your body to move properly and pain-free.  

Even if you've already got an exercise or fitness regimen, you'll benefit immensely from these exercises.

If you don't already move your body on a regular basis, this program is the perfect, gentle way to prepare your body for an active, movement lifestyle.

Nutrition is the single most-powerful form of weight loss and disease reversal on the planet.

...and the least understood.  

Even fitness resorts like "The Biggest Loser" will tell you,

Weight loss is 90% nutrition, 10% exercise.  

Nutrition is vital to our survival, yet no one seems to know what we're supposed to eat--that is... the diet we are genetically designed to eat for optimum health.  

The problem is, we're making it WAY too complicated.  

It's SO much simpler than you think.  

But even the best nutrition is worthless if the nutrients can't get to your cells to feed them because your body's pipeline is "backed up."  

"Nutrition is the package, and Massage Therapy is the truck that drives it there!"  --Jaylyn

Nutrition is easy.  It's food preparation that gets hard.  

Our Weight Loss Massage program incorporates changes in your nutrition that assist you in making lifestyle changes to promote natural weight management, HIGH ENERGY, hormone balance, and healthy organs.  

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Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine was a huge proponent of Herbs.  

Don't let your eyes glaze over now... I'm not talking about the kind of herbal medicine you're used to...wimpy dosages (or completely non-existent dosages) or products that don't even contain what the label says (so of course it won't work.)

I'm talking about the kind of herbalism practiced in Europe, by the Native Americans and other indigenous cultures.  


The stuff that creates healing miracles.  

Not the crap most stores sell.  

Herbal medicine is the foundation for all drug therapy today.  Did you know... Aspirin was patterned after White Willow Bark?  Diuretics... were patterned after Dandelion?  Analgesics... after cherries?  The list goes on.  

"While herbs are not a substitute for good nutrition, they can greatly ease many of the symptoms one experiences during weight loss and cleansing."  --Jaylyn Brannon, CMH LMT

At Sun Gate, we don't believe in "patented" or "proprietary" formulas that cost hundreds of dollars a month that you can't buy anywhere else.  


(We apologize for getting on our soapbox for a moment.  Can you tell we're passionate about health freedom?)

At Sun Gate, we has formulated extremely potent, powerful herbal and nutritional formulas that assist in detoxification, increasing circulation, cellular cleansing, and flooding your body with high nutrition.  

The most amazing part is...

We show you HOW TO MAKE every single formula yourself

Our formulas can can assist you in finding healthy side-effect-free herbal alternatives to many drugs you may be taking right now.  Not the wimpy dosages you're used to, but potent herbal formulas in their all-natural, whole state, that have powerful healing effects.  

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And don't forget to schedule your weight loss massage... for all the amazing detoxification benefits massage provides!

While nutrition and cleansing are powerful for creating lasting weight loss and vitality... many times it's not enough.  

We have spent the better part of the last 15 years combing through the world of Energy Medicine and Emotional Healing Techniques to bring you the very best, fastest, least invasive, and most powerful techniques in emotional healing today.  

Release emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior, physiological "knee-jerk" reactions, and debilitating habitual patterns that prevent your ultimate success.  

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P.S.  Massage Therapy at Sun Gate is also designed to help with somatic release (emotional chemicals stored in body tissues.)  Get a deeply relaxing, transcendent massage today and see how amazing you CAN feel!  Schedule now!

Our program is designed to take you through the process of changing your life.  Not overnight, but over time, and we'll be there with you every step of the way.

You'll get six (yes that's SIX) months of coaching, education, resources, recipes, instructions, videos, and answers to your specific questions.  Our Weight Loss Massage program includes the following:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Herbal and Nutritional Supplements
  • Gentle but Powerful Stretching and Strengthening Exercises
  • Nutrition Education
  • Recipes, and
  • Coaching from Jaylyn Brannon, CMH LMT

All of this is delivered in a six-month program that is emailed right to your inbox five days a week.  

You'll also be able to sign up for an exclusive Facebook Support Group where you can read the questions other participants are asking and you'll be able to get support from others who are changing their lives one step at a time.

If you live in the St. George, UT area, you will also be invited to special events and classes, and have an opportunity to meet the other people in your program face-to-face.

Don't wait... You're not getting any younger... or healthier the way you're currently doing things.

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