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Did you know that massage, done right, can actually help you lose weight?

That's right.  It can.  If you are wanting to lose weight, or just do a nutritional cleanse, the right massage therapy can speed this process up for you... dramatically!

There are a few reasons this works.

  1. Your body retains excess fat, not because you consume too many calories, but because you consume the wrong ones.  When your digestive system becomes sluggish, your body begins hanging onto excess fat to dilute fat-soluble toxins and waste products to protect your cells.  Cleanse these toxins out of the body, and it no longer needs the excess fat.  It just falls off.
  2. Bodywork done properly (with weight loss and cleansing in mind) not only improves your circulation... which helps you eliminate toxins much, much faster, it can also relieve nagging aches and pains that may have prevented you from moving your body more.  And the more you move, the more your body cleanses (and the fitter it gets, which is always great, too)

So if you're starting out a weight loss program, trying to get fit, want to feel more alive and energetic, or just know you need a good cleanse, sign up for our Weight Loss Massage series for either 1, 2, or 3 months to help you reach the goals you want to achieve.

"Simplify, Simplify... Oh what can I say more."  -Thoreau

We've done our best to simplify massage, so we only book you for two different treatments.  

A 30-Minute, 60-Minute, or a 90-Minute Basic Massage.  

You choose the length.  Then you choose the focus.  

We can either provide you with the basic massage that will dramatically improve how your body moves and feels, or we can do that along with increasing your flexibility, restructuring your posture, speeding up detoxification, changing how your organs function, or just providing deep relaxation and reducing mental stress.  

"You are as young as your spine is flexible."  --Richard Hittleman

Flexibility is necessary for anyone to be able to live.  It also makes it much easier to move without pain, and perform your daily tasks with ease.  Choose the Flexibility add-on to incorporate techniques into your massage that are designed to increase your range of motion.

Poor Posture can account for an incredible list of physical ailments, including obesity.  Massage techniques that are geared towards correcting tightness and tension in the deeper, core-muscles of the body, combined with stretching exercises you can easily do at home with just a couple minutes, help correct posture so your body can return to its normal alkaline state, remove toxins through your digestive system, ease physical pain, and improve your digestion.

A clean, properly working digestive system is the body's largest channel of elimination.  

Every cleansing and weight loss program must begin with thorough digestive cleansing in order to be effective.  

Add the ancient Mayan technique for abdominal massage to your Basic Massage treatment to help relieve constipation, bloating, and to promote digestion and increase the effectiveness of your cleansing and nutrition program.  This treatment also helps improve organ prolapse, which helps your internal organs function more effectively.

Some muscles are simply more stubborn in their holding patterns than others.  

Add hot stones to your Basic Massage treatment to add the benefit of deep heat to help increase circulation and penetrate through extremely tight muscle tissue.  

Hot Stones are deeply relaxing and can also aid in cleansing and weight loss.

The power of Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for reducing cellulite is well documented these days.  Indulge in an Aromatherapy treatment to help soothe muscle aches and pains, increase the effectiveness of your cleansing and weight loss program, and reduce unsightly and often embarrassing cellulite.  

Sometimes what you need, is the stress relieving benefits of being in a space of total bliss...
Add the Total Relaxation package to your basic massage.  You'll be pampered completely with hot towels, scented shea butter, aromatherapy of your choice, and spend your 30, 60 or 90 minutes drifting away into deep meditation with Holosync or Guided Meditation music and audio.
Ahhhhhh..... It doesn't get any better than this!



If it's the emotional side of weight loss and cleansing you're struggling with, try the powerful Emotional Release Therapies we offer.

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Make massage a part of your weight loss program.  Schedule a massage today!

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