Supplementation is an area of natural healing that is often very misunderstood at best, and at worst, it has become adulterated by huge companies concerned once again, with only making a profit.

Proper human nutrition can provide all the necessary building blocks a person needs to maintaining lasting health throughout their life.  At Sun Gate, we do not promote supplementation as a long-term solution or as a substitute for good nutrition.

Supplementation in the form of whole, unadulterated plant-based “medicines” can be incredibly powerful when applied properly.  In fact, this kind of supplementation can actually create “miracle cures” when combined with good nutrition.  Where we get off-track is in thinking the supplement, or the herbal medicine is the cure.  Supplementation does not “cure.”  However, it can significantly speed up and support the body’s own healing processes, which can significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms alltogether, and/or reduce the duration.  

With supplementation, we always work WITH the body, not against it.  

Jaylyn Brannon is a Certified Master Herbalist who has formulated specific combinations of whole, powdered herbs and foods that are safe and easy to use, that help her clients work through periods of cleansing and detoxification, and to alleviate the symptoms of disease processes they may be currently experiencing.  

More information about Sun Gate’s supplements coming soon!  (3/30/2015)

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